Video III – Beauty and the Beast

Video III – Beauty and the Beast
Video III – Beauty and the Beast
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  • Fairy tale- Reading
  • Merchant : A merchant is a person who buys or sells goods in large quantities, especially one who imports and exports them.(comerciante)
  • Hidden : Hidden is the past participle of hide. ( esconder)
  • Plucked : colher
  • Ungrateful : mal-agradecido
  • Seal : tremer
  • fright : to get a fright - levar um susto
  • Begged : implorar ▫ He begged me to stop. Implorou para que eu parasse.
  • Fearfully : emphasis You use fearful to emphasize how serious or bad a situation is ( Terrível)
  • Gruff : A gruff voice sounds low and rough
  • Unable : If you are unable to do something, it is impossible for you to do it, for example because you do not have the necessary skill or knowledge, or because you do not have enough time or money.(não poder fazer algo)
  • sighed : When you sigh, you let out a deep breath, as a way of expressing feelings such as disappointment, tiredness, or pleasure.( suspirar)
  • Dismay : Dismay is a strong feeling of fear, worry, or sadness that is caused by something unpleasant and unexpected (Consternação)
  • Moaning : If you moan, you make a low sound, usually because you are unhappy or in pain.(gemer)
  • Dying : Dying is the present participle of die ( morrer)
  • Held : Held is the past tense and past participle of hold. When you hold something, you carry or support it, using your hands or your arms ( segurar)
  • Sobbed : When someone sobs, they cry in a noisy way, breathing in short breaths ( soluçar)
  • Softly : Something that is soft is pleasant to touch, and not rough or hard.( suave)
  • wicked : You use wicked to describe someone or something that is very bad and deliberately harmful to people.( maldoso)
  • witch : In fairy tales, a witch is a woman, usually an old woman, who has evil magic powers. Witches often wear a pointed black hat. ( bruxa)
  • Spell : A spell is a situation in which events are controlled by a magical power( enfeitiçar alguém)


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